Wahrheit ist das höchste Gut auf Erden, es gibt nur eine Wahrheit

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 Die Wichtigkeit der Variation und der oralen Tradition

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PostSubject: Die Wichtigkeit der Variation und der oralen Tradition   Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:44 pm

Quote :
The creation of the story began at the time when oral tradition was still dominant, though story writing had made its presence felt. Whoever wrote the story, knew that a written story, flying in the wind like a starch-soaked piece of paper or cloth, was going to stick to our hair, and thus become a ‘fixed’ story. When the written word did arrive and stuck to us, it spelled disaster for the art of story telling. By becoming written, a story became permanent, as if no other version or interpretation was henceforth possible.

With the written story, the written version became the ‘sanctioned’ version (at first the only version ‘blessed’ by the authority of the Pope), and, therefore, not be recalled. The ‘written word’ covered with wet glue as it were was caught up by a ‘perfect storm’ and was driven by the wind into our faces, and no one could remove it. The story became our mask.

This is not to say that some oral stories were not copied verbatim, word for word, or that these stories for that same reason were not later burnt as heretical. The burning of books was not invented by the Nazis, but by the progenitors of Western civilization, the neo-, post-, and orthodox-Christians.* In the early morning hours these walked through the cobble stoned streets of Constantinople and, let us imagine, cried: “God, God, God! Let ‘one thought’ remain, ‘many thoughts’ be extinguished.”

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Die Wichtigkeit der Variation und der oralen Tradition
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